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The Santé Story

A delightful French custom is to clink glasses of wine and declare "Santé!" or "To your health." Achieving balance among the five senses is the essence of healthy living. Turner Professional Group has created an online boutique to help in your journey to live a harmonious and balanced life. Take a look, enjoy and Sante... to your health!

A Convenient Environment, A Place Like No Other

There are plenty of psychotherapists out there, but none of them offer the holistic wellness approach focused on relationship enhancement, sexual health, & personal wellness of Turner Professional Group. The Santé online boutique by Turner Professional Group offers services and products meticulously maintained by a highly-skilled clinical staff that takes great pride in assisting you through your wellness journey. More than just a therapy office, Turner Professional Group's Santé online boutique is the place to find the balance needed for a life of happiness, success, pleasure, peace, passion, confidence, hope and authenticity.

Unique Advantages

Santé online boutique offers you the opportunity to craft a personalized healing journey designed to align wellness goals with your lifestyle. Our expert staff can assist you in making the right purchase whether it's a gift for someone special or a well-deserved gift for you.

So indulge - Santé... To Your Health!

For your convenience, we have organized the Santé boutique into three main areas:

1. Personal Classes
2. Community & Corporate Wellness
3. Products

We also offer: gift certificate, private parties, and space rental.

Paypal is the gateway used for this shop, if you do not have an account you can sign up for one or just pay with a credit card, the choice is at checkout. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please use the order form (coming soon) instead of ordering on-line.

Do NOT send cash. Make checks payable to: George Turner Shipping and handling rates are for the US and Canada only. Please contact George for shipping and handling rates on orders over $120.00 and for international orders.

4010 Washington Street, #405 Kansas City, MO 64111    phone: (816) 931-8255    fax: (816) 931-1874
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