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Discover Turner Professional Group


Why Turner Professional Group?

Reasonable fees make psychotherapy an investment worth making. In addition, clients do not need to have health insurance to see a therapist.

We have hours to fit most busy schedules. We offer morning and evening hours, as well as weekends.

With offices in both Overland Park, KS and in the Plaza/Westport area, Turner Professional Group has a location to serve your needs.

Our associates are trained mental health professionals with advanced training in sexuality, disabilities, and addictions. In addition, we have real-world experience working in non-profit organizations as executive directors, project managers, diversity trainers and team leaders.

Peace of Mind
Our clients know that they are on track with improving their lives. With a comprehensive approach to your healing and success from a diverse group of associates, clients are ensured that they are receiving quality support from a team who knows them. Our commitment to minority communities allows clients to pursue growth without the worry of “does my therapist get me?”. That kind of freedom gives you priceless peace of mind.

4010 Washington Street, #405 Kansas City, MO 64111    phone: (816) 931-8255    fax: (816) 931-1874
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